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Meet the Team

Carlos Rovira

Principal, Rovira Property Management

Mr. Carlos Rovira is a dedicated full-time real estate investor with a proven track record in acquiring and effectively managing income-producing properties since 2009. His expertise spans the spectrum of both commercial and residential real estate, encompassing strategic investments in South Florida, the Midwest, and the Caribbean.

Bringing a decade of experience as an engineer in the Tech Industry, Mr. Rovira seamlessly integrates technological principles into the real estate landscape. Renowned for his ability to translate methodologies from the tech world, he excels in establishing systematic processes that unlock opportunities and optimize cash flows, ultimately maximizing returns for investors. His data-driven and analytical approach to property underwriting and management serves as a distinctive competitive advantage, one that he is enthusiastic about sharing with fellow investors and property owners.

As a Licensed Real Estate Broker, Mr. Rovira actively engages in property management, syndications, and brokerage activities throughout South Florida and the Midwest. His diverse portfolio encompasses multi-family properties in South Florida, a comprehensive mix of residential and commercial properties in the Midwest, and short-term vacation rentals in the Bahamas. Additionally, he oversees a substantial portfolio of properties for third-party investors through Rovira Property Management, a South Florida-based Property Management firm.

Mr. Rovira is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Miami, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering. Complementing his technical foundation, he earned a Master’s in Business Administration from Florida State University. His commitment to excellence and forward-thinking strategies positions him as a valuable asset in the dynamic realm of real estate investment.

Isabel Rovira

Chief Operating Officer, Rovira Property Management
Miami, FL Office

Isabel has extensive experience starting, growing, and operating small businesses, both non-profit and for-profit, and brings over 20 years of administration and operations expertise to the team.

Isabel co-founded a non-profit organization serving South Florida and served as its COO for over 10 years, helping to grow the organization from the ground up to nearly a $1M operating budget. She also co-owns a consulting firm, Urban Health Solutions, and works with clients both locally and nationally.

She manages the day to day operations for the Rovira Realty team, with a focus on streamlining operations and processes.

Isabel holds a Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree from University of Miami.

Jennifer Lawson

Property Manager, Rovira Property Management
Kansas City, MO Office

Jennifer has over 30 years of experience providing administrative and project management for academic organizations, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. As an educator for over 20 years, her focus was teaching visual and communicative arts and had administrative duties over brand identity, protocol, safety, and communication.

Jennifer brings this experience as well as her 7 years of commercial property management to the team. She strives to use communication as a community-builder for the office buildings.

Joclynn Feito

Property Manager, Rovira Property Management
Miami, FL Office

Joclynn is a seasoned Property Manager with a comprehensive background in property management, commencing her career in 2016. Previously overseeing properties in the Orlando, Florida market, she brings a wealth of expertise to Rovira Property Management. Possessing a real estate license, Joclynn also boasts a professional history in Human Resources and Administration roles. Beyond her primary role in property management, she actively supports the Rovira PM team in office operations and asset management.

Marie Moore

Assistant Property Manager, Rovira Property Management
Kansas City Office

Maria is a dedicated Assistant Property Manager, boasting a solid foundation in property management since 2022, primarily within the Johnson County, KS area. With a background spanning five years in the customer service industry, Maria seamlessly integrates principles from this field into property management. She excels in devising strategic plans and processes that not only unlock new opportunities but also drive sales growth. Maria’s meticulous approach to property management promises to introduce innovative sales strategies, and she takes pride in sharing her expertise with fellow investors and property owners.

Cecelia Columbro

Sales Associate, Rovira Realty LLC
Miami, FL Office

Ms. Columbro grew up with a father who was a licensed real estate agent who later became a broker. She assisted him in showing houses and running open houses from the time she was very young. Having come from a real estate family background, this gives her that extra edge of expertise in selling homes ensuring that everyone walks away happy. Getting to know every client’s desires and goals to then make it happen is her specialty.

Ms. Columbro is a licensed real estate agent with a great love for helping people sell and find their homes.